Disgusting media want White House sign language interpreter erased for her beliefs


Twitter fascists have been digging out old tweets, memes, videos, to look for conservatives whose beliefs conflict with their own. They then use them to demonize the target. These leftists have mailing lists and send out the hit news so they can all take to Twitter and regurgitate it. They won’t stop until the person is out of work and destroyed.

Something as simple as supporting Donald Trump can make the person a target. Posting on Parler or Gab can destroy a person.

The latest target of the fascists is the White House sign language interpreter, Heather Mewshaw. Apparently, she committed the unforgivable sin of interpreting for right-wing organizations. She even manages a group of ASL interpreters who do so for right-wing events.

She hasn’t done anything wrong. It doesn’t matter.

Time Magazine

Here’s Time Magazine doing their part to destroy Ms. Meshaw, not because she did anything wrong, but because she violates their orthodoxy. If you’re on the Right, you’re far-right to these people.

ABC News Go

ABC News blathers about her opinions. She’s a fine interpreter and that’s all that should matter. The media is despicable.

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