Disgusting! NBC Smears Covington Boys on Law & Order SVU


Rush Limbaugh gave up on the NBC show, Law & Order, Special Victims’ Unit over their highly-politicized scripts. They will likely lose a lot more viewers with the upcoming show that smears the Covington boys. Lawyers Lin Wood and Todd McMurtry filed suit against NBC/MSNBC for $275 million for damaging the reputation of 16-year-old Nick Sandmann.

Two weeks after the filing of the lawsuit, they’re back to smearing Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann, with a Sandmann-like character in a red cap bullying an Ilhan Omar character.

In the clash, the Sandmann character is a Jewish teen who confronts a Muslim Councilwoman [suggesting Omar who is not a victim, but actually an anti-American, anti-Semitic bully].

The writers make the Omarish character a rape victim so she’s actually a victim. Victimization and identity politics are inherent to the leftist playbook.

The Jewish teen is upset because a synagogue had just been vandalized. So the Jewish “Nick Sandmann” confronts “Ilhan Omar” in public and aggressively points a finger at her.

The teen’s finger accidentally grazes the Muslim’s hijab. She overreacts and calls them Islamophobes, claiming, “It’s in their blood!” Then she accuses one of them of rape.

One line goes like this, “It would have been easier if it had been some alt-right thugs.” That’s to suggest who they really mean. As if there are alt-right thugs running loose everywhere. It’s the alt-left thugs running around beating up youth wearing MAGA hats.

In real life, the boys just suffered the abuse of two groups of minority leftists. At first, they laughed and clapped thinking the leftists were on their side. Nick Sandmann never said a word but his crime was to wear a Trump MAGA hat.

This shows continued malice towards innocent teens. NBC is evil.

Todd McMurty responded, saying they “have no shame — or smarts for that matter.”

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