Disgusting! Politicians try to put lipstick on their pig budget


pig with lipstick resembles politicians at budget time

As Biden’s handlers are looking to spend $6 trillion to make us socialists, Fox News obtained some examples of the waste in the budget. This is as our debt is dangerously outsized for the revenue we take in each year. It’s not just Democrats spending either.

Democrats are the ones who put earmarks back and this is what you are looking at.

Our great-grandchildren can pay for this.


$1,750,000 to spruce up the Japanese Garden in Portland. $436,100 for a “meditation and restorative yoga” program in New Jersey. And $250,000 to expand the Michelle Obama Library in California.

These are just some of the controversial Community Funding Project requests filed by federal lawmakers as earmarks make a return in Congress.

Democrats and Republicans in Congress have asked for at least $6 billion in additional funding for local projects ahead of the upcoming federal budget, Fox News can reveal exclusively.

There are requests for $2 million in funding for a new art collection at the Brooklyn Museum in New York; $2 million for a Pickleball and Fitness Circuit in Orange, Calif.; $1.5 million to provide free public Wi-Fi in a California city and $250,000 for a performing arts center that, according to the website of Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., “should be more than a beautifully designed building.”

Other earmarks are likely to face strong Republican pushback. There are dozens of projects that list diversity and equity among their goals, including $742,000 for a New York program that would feature “conversations around difficult issues such as racism, gender discrimination and cultural bias” and $166,000 for the development of an equity program at Lincoln University.

There are also millions of dollars, collectively, earmarked for public arts programs, climate change initiatives and baby killers, Planned Parenthood.

The figures come from a comprehensive analysis of funding requests from 326 members of the House, including 220 Democrats and 106 Republicans.

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