“Dishonest” Ex-Principal Lands an Awesome DOE Job


The ex-principal of Port Richmond High, Oneatha Swinton, swindled a car insurance company. She was convicted. Afterward, she funneled $100,000 of school funds, against the rules, to a special vendor friend while at John Jay. “The money was reportedly spent on ‘Saturday retreats’ and overnight college trips, investigators say.”

Finally, she failed to protect 600 computers, printers, and laptops. Hmm…I wonder who benefitted from that disappearance. Don’t worry about her, though. She was rewarded for it with an absolutely awesome raise and health and pension benefits.

Fabulous, huh?

School investigators probed and found that she demonstrated a “pattern of dishonesty.” A recommendation came down  – fire her.

Instead, the Department of Education gave her a $187,000 salary, tens of thousands more than she was making, and a job somewhere in the Office of Safety and Youth Development.

Parent leaders are shocked.

Do you think the government agencies might be way too big and unaccountable? This is what centralization means as Democrats quickly move to centralize everything in government.

You can read the details at the NY Post. They have followed her case, and her success as swindling Swinton.


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