Top Trump Aide: the FBI May Have Taken Russiagate Docs in Raid


A former top Defense Department aide to Donald Trump, Kash Patel, said the FBI may have taken documents related to the Russia-Trump collusion investigations. He made the comments during an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

He didn’t know what was in the boxes, but it had to do with Russiagate.

“It had to do with Russiagate…it had to do with the Hillary email scandal…it had to do with a lot of other stuff. And [Trump] said, This is all declassified,” Patel remarked.

The DOJ and the FBI have not offered a public explanation. Instead, they leak to their favorite fake news media like The Washington Post, the NY Times, Newsweek, and CNN.

The warrant to raid Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s home and office, stated it was investigating the former president for Espionage and obstruction of justice.

A day before he left office, January 19, 2021, Donald Trump issued a memorandum declassifying all the Crossfire Hurricane (Russiagate hoax) materials that have not been made public. The FBI strongly objected. Hmmm…

His aide, Kash Patel, said Donald Trump declassified everything, and they’ll have an impossible job trying to prove otherwise.

Robert Mueller investigated possible Russia-Trump collusion with the help of his top lieutenants. Since he appeared to have a degree of senility, we wonder if the top dog, Andy Weissman was the actual investigator. They found nothing. They tried to make a case out of obstruction, but even Bill Barr couldn’t go along.

Fishing Expedition

Several people, including Sen. Ted Cruz, believe the raid was a fishing expedition. The warrant was absurdly broad. Sen. Cruz doesn’t think it had anything to do with classified documents. It was about Jan. 6, and they grabbed everything because they hoped to find something incriminating.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton believes they wanted the Russiagate documents.

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