BC Tyrants to Force Unvaxxed Moms Working for Gov to Repay $50K


The government of British Columbia, Canada, will mandate mothers working in the public sector who refused vaccinations pay back $50,000 of maternity leave.

According to the BC government, birth mothers who work for the British Columbia Public Service are entitled to 17 weeks of paid leave and may also qualify for the federal government’s Employment Insurance (EI) maternity benefit and the province’s own maternity leave allowance.

These tyrants decided to exclude anyone who did not obey the vaccine mandates. It’s important to note that the vaccine does not keep anyone from catching the disease. Also, the vaccines are chasing the variants and can’t catch up. The original vaccine does NOT have any value now – it has ZERO value.

But now, those working in the BC Public Service who are pregnant and have not been completely vaccinated against COVID-19 will have to pay back their whole maternity leave top-up benefit and may also lose their jobs.

According to TrueNorth, “The vaccination policy stipulates that BC Public Service employees who do not receive two doses of vaccination against COVID-19, or refuse to disclose their vaccination status, and do not have an approved exemption request, are to be placed on a leave without pay for a period of at least three months, after which they may be terminated.”

This is pure tyranny. Pregnant women had every right to be concerned about an untested vaccine. It was tested on a bunch of French rats. This should be a joyous time for these families but the tyrants won’t let anyone be happy.

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