Dishonest Paul Ryan weighs in on Senate and House objections to certification


Former Senator Paul Ryan strongly objected to Senate and House efforts to block certification in a Sunday statement.


He has no credibility with either side. The current Fox News Board member wrote:

This is a very dishonest missive. First, the Trump administration has not had any legitimate hearing. Every court refused to look at the evidence, claiming the case was too late, or the plaintiffs did not have standing.

Secondly, there is nothing anti-Democratic or anti-conservative about contesting this election. Democrats did the same thing in 1969, 2000, 2004, and 2016.

It’s within the law.

Third, it’s also illegal to commit fraud. What could be wrong with investigating?

Investigations have been shut down at every turn, even though more than half of the country believes the election was fraudulent.

Paul Ryan has never said one word about the mistreatment of Donald Trump over these past four years. The unconstitutional Beria-style probe over Russia went without him noticing. He didn’t care about the fraudulent Ukraine impeachment either. Ryan never said a word about the brutal 24/7 media assault.

If President Trump lost, he lost, but we need to know if that was the case. And no one should care what Ryan thinks.

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