Disinformation campaign claims the Vindman’s were fired


The media and the Democrats are lying when they say there was retaliation against the Vindman brothers. There was none. The new National Security Adviser is reducing the numbers in the NSC, which is notorious for leaking. They were transferred back to their original placements as was expected.

National security adviser Robert O’Brien says there was “absolutely” no retaliation against Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman and his twin brother.

They were moved out of the NSC recently after Alexander Vindman leaked and testified against the President. Vindman disagreed with the President over a phone call with the Ukraine President.

“Number one,” O’Brien said, speaking to the Atlantic Council on Tuesday night, “they [Alexander and Yevgeny Vindman] weren’t fired.”

The Vindman lawyer called it retribution.

O’Brien held Tuesday night that “none of the detailees at the NSC are fired.”

“Folks might think it feels that way, and, look, it’s great to work at the White House, and everybody wants to work at the White House, but there will come a time for all of us who work at the White House, including me, that (we) will leave the White House.”

Both brothers were “reassigned” shortly after the impeachment trial concluded and were escorted out of the White House, which O’Brien called “standard procedure.”

“Folks who have worked at the White House know this: Your last day you lose your badge, and someone walks you out to the gate,” he said, “and that happens when you’re at the White House as a visitor — you have an escort who escorts you out.”

“People aren’t kind of free-range in the White House, and if you don’t have a badge to open the gate, someone has to let the Secret Service know and they let you out. So I just wouldn’t read anything into that.”


O’Brien said the United States is “not some banana republic.”

“We are not a country where a group of lieutenant colonels can get together and dictate what the policy of the United States is,” he said. Pressed on whether he was alleging that was what had happened in the case of the Vindmans, O’Brien denied that he was.

“I’m just saying we’re not that country, so the President is entitled to a staff that he has confidence in,” he said. “I can absolutely tell you they were not retaliated against.”

Earlier Tuesday, the President told reporters in the Oval Office that he had sent Alexander Vindman back to the Pentagon. “We sent him on his way to a much different location and the military can handle him any way they want,” he said.

Trump said the military would decide whether Vindman should face disciplinary action. “It’s up to them,” he said, adding: “That’s going to be up to the military. We’ll have to see. But if you look at what happened, I mean they’re going to, certainly, I would imagine, take a look at that.”

“I obviously wasn’t happy with the job he did,” Trump said.

The President also said there would be more departures from the White House.

“Oh, sure. Oh, sure,” he said. “Absolutely. There always are.”

And, that’s true, there always are.


The only one fired was Gordon Sondland. Anyone who saw his confused and moronic testimony knows he’s not competent to represent the United States at the EU. That’s essentially what Kellyanne Conway said.

As far as the MSM reporting, if you read the CNN post on this, they add all kinds of opinions and so-called facts after almost everything the NSA says to confuse the readers. It’s a disinformation article and that is what you will continue to read and hear from Democrats and the media.

They all know these men weren’t fired. In fact, Alexander has what is seen as a promotion to the War College.



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