NY Dem Leader Heastie’s in Denial-Blames Surge in No-Bail Crime on “Reporting”


New York Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie is blaming media outlets for an increasing public outcry against the state’s no-cash bail reform.  The Democrat leader claimed, “Newspapers don’t know how to write correct stories.”

Seems like Carl is greatly displeased about articles factually reporting on suspects being released without bail.   Remember that some 400 offenses were classified as requiring no cash bail so this is a very partial list.

  • Repeat offenders committing anti-Semitic assaults.
  • A drunk driver, with two prior DWI felonies, who killed a 27-year-old.
  • Six suspected drug dealers arrested with an estimated $7 million in fentanyl.
  • A bank robber, arrested for 4 robberies, let go and robbed a 5th the next day saying “I can’t believe they let me out (again). What were they thinking?”
  • A man killed a 37-year-old mom with his car (vehicular manslaughter) and fled the scene.
  • 61 gang members, (MS-13, Crips, Bloods, etc.) released in Nassau and Suffolk on Long Island.

It’s gotten so bad so fast that elected Democrats have spoken out.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the controversial law “stands out like a sore thumb that this is the single biggest new thing in the equation and we saw an extraordinary jump” of 30 percent in crime in NYC in January.

Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez said, “We have to go back and take a look at how the bail reform was done.” He wants judges empowered to remand perps who pose a clear public-safety threat. Gonzalez complained lawmakers “didn’t allow for judges to use discretion.”

One of the least reported, but increasingly consequential changes have to do with new discovery rules that force prosecutors to share info, including witness names, with defense counsel within 15 days of arraignment unless a judge OKs an exception.  It opens up a number of loopholes available to defendants that could lead to cases getting tossed on technicalities, and returning guilty felons to the streets.

Orange County DA David Hoovler warns that the public won’t start seeing the full impact of the new discovery rules until next month. Prosecutors and law enforcement say these new requirements pose a threat to both the victims and witnesses of crimes.  Ya think? How safe can someone who suffered at the hands of any of those 61 freed, LI gang bangers feel?

Then there are the financial costs. “We pierced the [state] 2 percent property-tax cap solely because of the discovery portion” of the new bail law, rails Freeport Mayor Robert Kennedy.

Hey Speaker Heastie.  Take a look in the mirror.  It’s not stories being incorrectly written weighing on this statute.  The growing outrage is a result of your very poorly written, increasingly dangerous legislation.


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