Disinformation Czar Is Famous for Erotic Songs- One’s About Harry Potter at 14


Nina Jankowicz is the new executive director of the new government censorship watchdogs known as the Disinformation Governance Board.  Jankowicz is most famous for her pedo song about a 14-year old Harry Potter. You can hear that below.

The Board she will lead is quite Orwellian. Even the name is deeply concerning. People get caught up in the word “disinformation,” but the word “governance” bothers us even more at the Sentinel.

Nina is very cringe and frightening, but we mustn’t lose sight of the fact that the ‘disinformation governance board’ is unconstitutional. Every Republican and some Democrats should be screaming against this now. Watch and see who does or doesn’t.

Jankowicz is well-suited for the job at hand. She is famous for singing erotic fan fiction songs about Harry Potter. She sings one song about wanting to have sex with Harry Potter, then 14 years old. Not a joke, she’s singing about pedophilia.

Don’t believe me – listen to her song.

Pervy singing:

Here is her crazy Misinformation song (she’s clearly a buffoon):

As Pedro Gonzalez, the editor of Chronicles, wrote on Twitter: Nina Jankowicz is a model managerial elite: credentialed, versed in therapeutic language, a personality derived from Marvel/Disney/Harry Potter, and beneath a thin smiling veneer, absolutely vicious and totalitarian.

He linked to this tweet:

I’m old enough to remember when free speech was a thing. Do you remember the Apple Mac launch and the commercial? Here it is:

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