Disney’s ‘Strange World’ with an LGBT Character Bombed


Disney’s first animated film with an openly LGBT character “Strange World,” tanked at the box office in October. According to Variety, the film had a whopping $180 million budget but only took in $24 million when it opened during the Thanksgiving holiday week.

Maybe people have had enough of our strange world.

Ethan is a gay character, and he has a man crush on Diazo. What they’re doing is exposing children to the human condition who want to see something other than a sub-par film.

It wasn’t just Strange World. Other films with LGBT characters have bombed.

Toy Story franchise, “Lightyear,” failed to meet expectations, earning $51 million at the box office. They have a same-sex kiss for family viewing.

Another film focused on LGBT characters, “Bros,” didn’t move the needle at the box office, either. Star Billy Eichner furiously warned “homophobes” on Twitter not to come see the movie. So, I guess everyone has to want to see these types of films and like them. We’ve been ordered.



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