NYS Governor Ghoul Kathy Hochul Oks Composting Your Loved Ones


New York becomes the 6th state to allow human composting. Five other states (Washington, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, and California) allow eco-conscious burials with your loved ones becoming compost. It’s ghoulish and disrespectful.

New York’s legislation passed both the state Assembly and Senate earlier this year. It’s now a one-party leftist state.

Hochul’s New York has no regard for human life. No respect at all. We kill babies to the moment of birth and allow them to die if they are born alive by mistake.

Human composting is considered “a pretty attractive burial alternative” for New York, where land for burial is limited, say the gouls at the AP.

Ah, yes, AP, so attractive.

New York State Catholic Conference, which represents the state’s bishops, had opposed the legislation.

“Throughout history and in every culture, the disposition of human remains has been treated with care and following particular rituals, always involving interment or cremation,” Dennis Proust, the executive director of NYS Catholic, wrote in a letter to Hochul late last year.

“Given this fact, it is inappropriate to suddenly introduce a completely different method, with no input from the public, religious communities, or anyone else outside of the state Capitol,” he wrote.

Hochul doesn’t have to consult with anyone. She’s a petty despot.

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