Disquieting Messages from Barack and Hillary, “We’ve Been Waiting for You”


Barack Obama continues to plant the seeds of transformational revolution. As he did with the youth of Ferguson and in so many other cases, he is encouraging protests and riots if necessary.

He never once tried to shut down the riots in Baltimore, Florida, Ferguson, Berkely, San José. What he did instead was to invited the violent rabble-rousers to the White House. He allowed innocent cops to be scapegoated. His minion Loretta Lynch called for “blood in the streets.”

This is what communists do, not true Americans.

Black Lives Matter, Antifa, Occupy Wall Street, and now “March for Our Lives” are all movements stirred up by Obama, the Clintons, Soros, and others of the far-left. Their goal is to push the far-left agenda “onward”.

Obama tweeted a dog whistle to the youth Friday. “We’ve been waiting for you,” he tweeted.

After students behaved despicably at the CNN town hall, he is telling them he is inspired by them and wants them to continue marching to remake the world. The remaking he is talking about is the transformation of the United States into the Socialist United States. This should send chills down your spine.

This is his message:

The Marxist former president wants our guns.


Hillary Clinton is also out tweeting encouragement. At the same time, her group “Onward Together” is giving funds to some of the worst leftist groups. “Onward” is an old-time Soviet buzzword.

This is her message. Keep it up. Anyone who tries to expose what’s behind this will be called disgusting.

Some of the kids at the CNN hatefest townhall behaved horribly. The well-rehearsed student journalist David Hogg called NRA members child murderers. Another angry attendee told Marco Rubio that when he looks at Rubio, he sees gunman Nikolas Cruz.

This is terrifying. An entire generation is being manipulated.

Seventeen children and staff died and others were wounded. Everyone let these victims down including the FBI, the police, and social service. No one is talking about the victims or the very real system failures. This is insane.

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