New HBO Show Will Promote Guerrilla Warfare, Tactics, the Mob


Anna Devere Smith

HBO will air a new HBO series titled Notes From the Field. It’s no ordinary film. It will encourage guerrilla warfare, tactics, the mob. The focus is on the fake school to prison pipeline problem. That is a takeoff of an effort Eric Holder led. The former Attorney General threatened school districts to dole out discipline by racial quotas or face lawsuits.

The theory is poor minorities are only in prison because of poor discipline.

A very odd woman, Anna Deavere Smith, is the creator and star of the program. As she defines it,  “It’s a call for people who want a more just world to get onboard and start a new movement.”


She recently anchored a panel with Obama communists, Valerie Jarrett and Van Jones. The trio blasted the alleged “mass incarceration” problem.

“We jail 11 million people a year in the U.S. They stay an average of 23 days. Yet, only 5 percent are ultimately convicted of a greater offense.” From a public policy stance, Jarrett asserts, this is costly, especially for those who “are guilty of being poor” and simply can’t meet bail.

What Jarrett didn’t say is their crimes are plea bargained down.

They discussed Parkland and talked about how allegedly “brave” the students are for speaking out. The reality is the students aren’t simply speaking out, they are unfairly blaming the wrong people, Republicans, the NRA, Trumps. It’s actually a Get Out the Vote effort. It’s also to foment discord and the Obamas and Clintons are behind it.

The students are a great group to get riled up. They’re allegedly bulletproof and can become the new Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

The panel of three promoted the upcoming March for Our Lives, funded by Bloomberg’s Everytown and the Soros-funded Women’s March.

This is the “struggle”, they say. The “struggle”, as they call it, is meant to transform the United States into their far-left Utopia.

Felons are the far-left’s people. They will do their bidding.

The left is going crazy because the Republicans are offering up real solutions. All the left does is scream irrationally.

H/T Herb Richmond

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