Disturbing clip of people who want the unvaxxed in prison


Comedian Mark Dice wanted to know if people would agree to imprison un-vaccinated adults. He asked people to sign a petition to arrest and jail anyone who refuses to be vaccinated.

It’s terrifying to know that many do. These are the type of people who enable dictators.

They are the leftists who will bring us to our knees. Americans who don’t believe in freedom need to be made to live in China for a year.

Watch the clip, it’s disturbing:

Petty despots like Dr. Fraud are making this happen and people who follow him mindlessly forgot how to think for themselves. Communists like Occupy Democrats further the cause.

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John Vieira
1 year ago

Over fifty years ago changed course…observing the Systemic Ignorance that has rapidly morphed into Systemic Stupidity, the deterioration of the entire MSM to a status below that enjoyed by the Sun and the National Enquirer – actually CNN, MSNBC and a few others have even overshot the mark..am sorry I did. Might have made the other side long ago but it would have been better than observing the onset of the mental gangrene that is taking hold….

1 year ago

1907 Robert Hugh Benson wrote LORD OF THE WORLD, in which he foretold: “In 1917…Communism really began….The new order began then…rising out of the heaving dun-coloured waters of American Socialism like a vision….Persecution was coming….America was powerless….The press was engineered with extraordinary adroitness….The world is one now, not many Individualism is dead….For anyone to say they believe in God—it is high treason….No actual point of light breaking the appalling vault of gloom.”

Luciferian Alice Bailey in the early 1930s foretold that 2025 would be the year the “outer form” of the “World Federation of Nations” will be “taking rapid shape,” thus fulfilling the Power Elite’s plan for a World Socialist (Fascist) Government by synthesizing Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism.

Stay Ungovernable
Stay Ungovernable
1 year ago

Co-President Frauci (CCP/CDC) is saying that a flood of “mandates” are coming soon.
Mandates? We don’t need any stinking mandates.

Sharon Wheeler
Sharon Wheeler
1 year ago

Those who violate a persons rights with actions like this should be arrested for threats.