Report Cuomo is trying to make a deal to avoid impeachment


OANN is reporting that New York Governor Cuomo is trying to work out a deal to avoid impeachment if he promises to not run again.

Cuomo’s situation gets direr by the day. His top aide Melissa DeRosa resigned. She helped Cuomo denigrate at least one female accuser on Facebook. She also worked for Facebook and the governor.

A nasty woman, Time’s Up leader Roberta Kaplan also resigned.

Kaplan, a women’s rights advocate who has a law practice of her own, counseled the administration last winter when Cuomo was hit with the first of the harassment allegations, leveled by a former economic development adviser, Lindsey Boylan.

Kaplan’s role in advising the Cuomo administration stunned sexual assault victims and others. Several past backers of Time’s Up sent an open letter Monday demanding an investigation, charging that the organization’s leaders “align themselves with abusers at the expense of survivors.”

Not to minimize abuse of women, but what about all the elderly who died because of his policy of putting COV-afflicted elderly in nursing homes? He also covered it up. Cuomo took his policy down from the website and then pretended it never existed. The governor blamed everyone he could, especially Donald Trump, and hid the true numbers of the deceased.

While Cuomo deserves what he gets, he really needs to be investigated for the deaths before the abuse of women.

He’s a real winner.

Here he tells the audience ‘America was never that great’:

“No one needs ten bullets to kill a deer:

Who can forget how he trashed Justice Kavanaugh over no evidence:

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