‘Disturbing weird’ way whites are now supposed to behave


Apparently, Black Lives Matter, a radical communist organization, wants white people to beg for forgiveness, on their knees, for slavery and bigotry. The fact that they didn’t do it is irrelevant because of their white privilege.

White privilege, like political correctness, is a white liberal construct meant to further their agenda. It’s nothing but bigotry wrapped up in deceit. It’s racism. The term ‘white privilege’ is racist. Yet, the white liberals managed to make it a reality in the minds of some blacks.

Martin Luther King Jr. stood for equality. What the radicals want is inequality and equal outcomes for all. That’s neo-communism, socialism, globalism, whatever you want to call it. It’s collectivism.

Personally, I am sorry for any suffering by anyone of any race, but I’m not getting on my knees for something I have never done. We are sorry that George Floyd died, but this is insane. What say you?

Listen to this unhinged nonsense:

This subservient fool gets on her knees.

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