Divisive Nike Glorifies Kaepernick And So the Nike Burnings Begin


The very divisive Nike decided to make Colin Kaepernick the face of their ‘Just do it’ campaign. He has been under contract with them since 2011 and they weren’t sure how to use him so this is what they came up with.

The man who began the movement to disrespect our anthem, our flag and our patriotism is being given hero status usually reserved for the military he dishonors.

Their slogan, ‘Believe in something, Even if it means sacrificing everything’, is ironic given he is being paid millions for this ad. Such a sacrifice!

The left chose to protest the anthem to dishonor the symbols of patriotism. If it was only about police, they would be protesting outside police stations.

It’s a push for cultural change as far away from patriotism as they can get.

They don’t get to say they are not dishonoring our flag and our military and it’s really about police brutality and oppression while they choose the anthem and the unfurling of the flag as the venue.

This rabbi thinks it’s fake patriotism. What is patriotism then if it’s not symbolized in the flag and the anthem?

Nike decided to glorify this Marxist dolt who ran around the field with ‘cops as pigs’ socks and gave interviews in a t-shirt lauding murderous dictator Fidel Castro and others just like him.

That entire protest is deceitful and driven by Marxists who want the patriotism out of our sports. They want to get rid of the anthem, the U.S. flag, and the military presence before games. How many times do leftists have to say it is what they want before people believe it?


Some of the people who are angry with the company are burning their Nike gear.


The Stalinist Dems are center stage on Twitter. You don’t see much from the right. The fake accounts and troll accounts seem to have gotten the email that the best line of attack is to call the anti-Kaepernick Twitter users ‘morons’ who should be donating the sneakers to a charity.

There are literally thousands of sanctimonious leftists saying the Nike gear should be given to the poor.  The words ‘privileged’ and ‘financially privileged’ come up a lot. That line of attack has to be the result of some mass mailing suggesting they tweet that.

It must be effective or the left wouldn’t be working so hard to discourage it. Keep burning!

Here’s is just one example.

Thousands also claim any criticism of Kaepernick is ‘racist’.

All of a sudden they’re concerned about China. Meanwhile, Nike is also made in China. BY THE WAY, NEW BALANCE IS MADE IN AMERICA!

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