DJT Abruptly Ended the Contentious NPR Interview


NPR boasted of an interview with Donald Trump that was allegedly “six years in the making.”

The NPR interviewer, journalist Steve Inskeep, asked some good questions about the 2020 election but he — NPR — would never do this to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or any of the other Democrats. Therein lies the problem.

The Left then used the interview to trash Trump.

Donald Trump isn’t in power now and they really should be more concerned about out multiple crises under Biden-Harris.

It’s understandable that Donald Trump left the interview. NPR is biased left.

Democrats, Republicans, and journalists allowed riots to be turned into protests and an unarmed riot of 1%/protest of 99% into an insurrection. The insurrection was led by a guy wearing buffalo horns. We can’t expect these people to look into the massive election irregularities, Zuckerboxes, illegal ballot harvesting, law changes at the last minute to help Biden, and so on.


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