DJT Abruptly Ended the Contentious NPR Interview


NPR boasted of an interview with Donald Trump that was allegedly “six years in the making.”

The NPR interviewer, journalist Steve Inskeep, asked some good questions about the 2020 election but he — NPR — would never do this to Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or any of the other Democrats. Therein lies the problem.

The Left then used the interview to trash Trump.

Donald Trump isn’t in power now and they really should be more concerned about out multiple crises under Biden-Harris.

It’s understandable that Donald Trump left the interview. NPR is biased left.

Democrats, Republicans, and journalists allowed riots to be turned into protests and an unarmed riot of 1%/protest of 99% into an insurrection. The insurrection was led by a guy wearing buffalo horns. We can’t expect these people to look into the massive election irregularities, Zuckerboxes, illegal ballot harvesting, law changes at the last minute to help Biden, and so on.




  1. After Trump Won in 2016, NPR became rabid communists. They most narcissistic people you will ever meet so they blame themselves for Trumps victory. They have detroyed their product, got rid of anything they shed any sort of fair light on conservative values. They need de-funded. Let Soros fund them

  2. It amazes me why Trump ever set himself up for interviews with this rabid pack of Communists. He knows better than anyone it is just giving them an opportunity to twist whatever he says into an attack on him and his supporters. The only inerview I would give them is when I’m re-elected I’ll see you are all fired and replaced by Patriots like M. Dowling from the Independent Sentinel. Go and smoke that!

  3. What else should Donald Trump expect from a bunch of liberal scumbags at NPR other than a hostile interview and immediate parroting of negative comments from the left?

    Trump was ill-advised to even begin negotiations concerning an interview with NPR. Trump should hire me as his personal work-from-home advisor. I could help him without ever leaving my keyboard. There would be no expenses…just a healthy retainer.

  4. I keep trying to explain Government Bureaucracies to people. The sole purpose of a Bureaucracy is its existence. Providing a service to The People is just incidental. Bureaucracies jump in bed with any politician who they “think” will protect them and will try to destroy any politician who might hold them accountable.

  5. NPR and the rest if their ilk are run by ultra rich trust fund kids, some in their 80’s. All Loonie lefties brain washed by university idiots who are Marxist. One of them like National Science even gave3 Bidn an endorsement, never in their history did they do that. Poison punks.

  6. One of the planks in Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign was to remove $400M/yr taxpayers are forced to give to NPR. Back then he acted like a conservative.

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