DNI Ratcliffe calls for investigation of 2017 ICA


DNI Ratcliffe wants the 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment of “Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections” investigated. He sent a referral to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

THE 2017 ICA claimed the Russians were helping Donald Trump win and Hillary Clinton lose. Why would Russians do that? Hillary gave away the store to the Russians from canceling Eastern European Defense Systems to uranium mines.

The referral was sent to the CIA Inspector General in 2018 but no meaningful action was taken, according to CBS News’ Catherine Herridge. It was ignored.

DNI Ratcliffe wants to know more about the CIA, NSA, FBI findings — with HIGH CONFIDENCE — that Putin ordered the 2016 influence campaign to “undermine faith in US democratic process” and “denigrate Secretary Clinton” to “harm her electability” and developed a “clear preference” for President Trump. Not all agencies agreed.

DNI Ratcliffe also wants it declassified as per Rep. Nunes’ request.

The agencies will just ignore this, hoping Joe Biden wins. They’re corrupt to the core.

The Intel agencies are not coming forward with information and Nunes believes they are wholly corrupt.

Obama-Biden era political appointees overruled career intelligence officials who raised concerns about some things being included in the ICA.

Not all agencies were in agreement, at least not to the same degree. The NSA had ‘moderate’ confidence in the report. Also, the dossier, now known to be fraudulent was part of the assessment.

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marty lopez
2 years ago

What good are investigations, if no one is ever prosecuted? More stage work for politicans. If Trump doesn’t clean them out, we’re finished and it was all for nothing.

2 years ago

These 17 intelligence services stated that the DNC servers were hacked by the Russians. None of these intelligence services had personnel that actually inspected the hard drives on those servers. Instead they relied on the information regarding the hack that was provided to them by a third party hired by the DNC, that claimed the servers were hacked, yet never provided any evidence to support that claim. Even as of today, the DNC has refused access to those hard drives by Congressional investigators, the President, and the President’s attorney. Those hard drives were the “proof” of Russian attempts to influence the election, and the claim was widely distributed by the mainstream media, as well as by members of Congress. As a taxpayer, and concerned citizen, I am infuriated that these intelligence agencies flat out fabricated a story, and lied to the American people, in the first place, but also to influence the outcome of a Presidential Election. The American people certainly should not have to pay for blatant crime, and corruption. It is well past the time that these agencies, and the perpetrators of this crime within them, be held accountable for their actions, and appropriately punished under the laws provided to do so. Failing to follow up on this and other scandals at the highest level of intelligence, and law enforcement, would be to sink this countries integrity of government to a level on par with Communist China, Russia, and Third World dictatorships. That scenario is intolerable to any patriotic America, and cannot be allowed to stand.

Gypo O'Leary
Gypo O'Leary
2 years ago

The public version of the report is so lacking of any credible evidence it his humorous. “We assess that Putin preferred Trump because Trump was open to friendly relationships with Russian, and Clinton was against them”.

And then the Appendix….which is 1/3rd of the document is all about RT TV and how clips of their news shows being liked on Youtube equaled Russian interference.

The entire thing is garbage and it is obvious.

Show me
Show me
2 years ago

Hillary kept referring to “17 intelligence agencies”.
Sttate Dept head say’s her deleted emails found and coming out soon.
Getting anything out of government that is negative about a Democrat very slow and difficult.

This is a can of worms.

Yorgy Yorgelsen
Yorgy Yorgelsen
2 years ago

Read at one of the aggregators that Russia has some hot new weapons systems that we don’t have and they are willing to share the information as part of the START treaty.
Leave it to the CPUSA to mess it all up with the evil Russian hackers meme.