Do Black Lives Matter? – Not in Chicago!


Do Black Lives Matter? They don’t if you live in Chicago.

This is getting old. Every Monday I write an article about the number of weekend shootings and murders in Chicago. The reporting period for weekend shootings is from 5 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday.

Last weekend there were 50 shootings. I asked where BLM was. Well, they were in Denver at a “Soup Rally.”

That’s were a man was shot in the head and killed. It made the national news. At the same time a young woman was shot in the head and killed in Chicago. It didn’t make the news anywhere.


This weekend there were 33 shootings in Chicago, including seven murders. That number doesn’t include people who were shot during the week.

The number of women and children who are being shot and killed in Chicago continues to rise. Four women and four children were among this weekend’s shooting victims. Among the murder victims were a 14-year-old boy and a 22-year-old woman.

Another murder victim was a man who was shot nine times while he sat in his car. Nine times!

When another man went outside to smoke a cigarette, someone drove by and shot him in the back. He died at the hospital. I thought BLM got really upset when blacks were shot in the back. Well, apparently they’re only upset when blacks are shot in the back by police, not by other blacks.

In a separate incident, an armed man went into a home and shot five men, killing one of them. At least four of the weekend incidents were drive-by shootings.

Amazingly, no one has been arrested in any of these shootings. In fact, there aren’t even any suspects in these cases. In all the articles I’ve written about shootings in Chicago, I don’t remember a single case in which an arrest was made.

Sometimes deaths aren’t reported or don’t occur until well after a shooting incident. Last Tuesday, an 8-month pregnant woman was shot and killed. Her baby boy was delivered after his mother died. The 4-day-old baby died on Saturday. This tiny innocent baby is another victim of Chicago’s unending black violence.


Black-on-black shootings and murders in Chicago aren’t even a blip on the BLM radar screen. Protests against the ongoing violence in Chicago don’t exist. Makes you wonder if black lives really matter in Chicago.

Chicago isn’t the only Democrat-run city where blacks are murdering other blacks, but it’s the worst. You’ll remember July 12th, when a 1-year-old boy was shot and killed while sitting in his stroller in New York City. Did you know that the following day six people were shot in just one hour in a New York City borough?

In another Democrat-run city, the Los Angeles Police Department reported a 250 percent rise in homicides this summer.

A 6-year-old boy and his mother were shot execution-style in Detroit on October 1st. This was after police found the little boy’s father dead in a burning car. Did it make the news cycle? Did BLM protest against this? They’re too busy terrorizing other cities.

Instead, BLM is out protesting against the hard-working police, imaginary white supremacy, racial inequality (after 60 years of Affirmative Action), and my First Amendment rights.

BLM is protesting against everything except the shootings and murders of blacks in Democrat-run cities like Chicago. Smoke from the fires set in cities across the country obscures the real crisis – unrelenting black-on-black violence in America.

So again I ask. Do black lives matter? Not in Chicago, they don’t.

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