Families Fill Casket Outside NYC Nursing Home w/6,500 Covers of Cuomo’s Book


Governor Cuomo has been shilling his new book “American Crisis”.  He’s writing apparently without irony, satire, or perhaps conscience about his handling of the Wuhan pandemic, that killed more people in his state than any other state in the United States.

Especially affected were those in senior care facilities which were, per Cuomo’s orders, packed with COVID 19 positive patients.  A press release unashamedly described the book as a “remarkable portrait of leadership during crisis and a gritty story of gut-wrenching choices that point the way to a safer future for us all.”

Sunday in Brooklyn, a demonstration was held by heartbroken loved ones who took strong exception to “King Andrew, Slayer of the Elderly’s” spin on his performance.

A silver casket was wheeled to the front of a Brooklyn nursing home Sunday — and 6,500 copies of the cover of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new book were dumped into it in protest of his COVID-19 policies.

The 6,500 covers represent roughly the number of people who died from the China Virus in NY nursing homes throughout the state.  Grieving families say those numbers are really much higher. Janice Dean, a meteorologist for TV’s “Fox and Friends” said, “My mother-in-law got COVID in an elder-care facility but died in a hospital, [so] her number does not count.’’

She continued, “At the very beginning I wouldn’t have blamed anyone.”  “But then I saw the governor on CNN….talking about his love life and talking about how he brought the curve down to nothing.”

Janice felt the first words out of his mouth should have been “I’m sorry for your loss.”

Despite calls for an independent investigation into Cuomo’s handling of the “crisis”, and the release of how many thousands of seniors died under circumstances similar to Janice Dean’s, Cuomo remains mute.

Unless of course, he’s hawking his superhuman feats in “American Crisis”.  Sick.



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