Dobbs says “it would be utterly irrational” to tell coup Dems about Soleimani


Lou Dobbs interviewed press secretary Stephanie Grisholm on his show last night. They discussed Democrats complaining about not being briefed before the termination of General Soleimani. Dobbs said: “it would be utterly irrational of the Trump administration to brief the very people who are trying to unseat him…”

Who doesn’t believe Democrats would have leaked in order to warn the Iranians, especially given their partisan reactions? Perhaps Sen. Feinstein, who has Javad Zarif’s number on her cell, or John Kerry who meets with him regularly might have just made the call.

The White House had good intel that Soleimani was planning to “unleash Holy Hell,” as Lindsey Graham put it this week. Graham was briefed days ago and there was strong evidence that Soleimani was planning to murder U.S. soldiers.

The President didn’t’ start a war, he engaged in a counter-terrorism operation.

Dobbs made his comments after the press secretary told him Schumer was irate that he wasn’t briefed, She added that after the briefing he was still complaining, saying it wasn’t enough.

“I think Chuck Schumer was born complaining,” Dobbs said with a chuckle. “And I wouldn’t expect any quick change in his behavior. It is also, I think, a good case could be built, it would be utterly irrational of the Trump Administration to brief the very people who are trying to unseat him, remove him from power, to overthrow his presidency and to have done everything in their power to do so. I mean, I just can’t understand why a neutral voice in this, say, in the national media, isn’t saying what are the Democrats talking about? And why would they expect anything other than to be found untrustworthy by the President of the United States?”


Soleimani should have been executed for his crimes against humanity years ago. He was declared a global terrorist by the UN and sanctioned in 2005 — by the UN! The U.S. declared him a terrorist in 2007.

General Keene can’t believe the Democrat reaction.

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3 years ago

What Lou Dobbs said “it would be utterly irrational…..”