Dobbs, Tucker describe Soviet-style processes in Stone case


Lou Dobbs torched the Department of Justice prosecutors who “lied through their teeth” in the case against Roger Stone, a political writer and consultant who is an ally of the President.

The Fox Business host said on the lawyers who “got their training” in the Soviet Union during a discussion with attorney Robert Ray, a member of Trump’s legal team, on “Lou Dobbs Tonight.”


Last night, Tucker Carlson pointed out on his show that the Judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson, actually lied while she was ranting at Roger Stone yesterday during the long sentencing hearing.

She claimed that Stone was convicted of covering up for Trump. That is not true. He was convicted of lying and witness tampering/obstruction.

This judge should terrify Americans. The foreperson was tainted with bias as well and Jackson isn’t ordering a probe of the foreperson.

This is Soviet-style justice.

Watch this clip, it’s very good at summarizing it all:

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