Doctor addresses misclassifying “probable” or “presumed” deaths as COV-19


Listen to the scientists, doctors, and data, screamed Democrats! Uh, maybe not if that is all we consider and destroy our society and economy to do it. Every death is important but it’s not all we need to look at.

Only 12% of those who died of coronavirus in Italy actually died solely from the virus or at all. Many of these deaths were even simply suspected of coronavirus deaths. Italy is currently going back and reclassifying the deaths. We’re cooking the numbers in the U.S. as well.

The doctor in this clip (after the ad) talks about the misclassifications that are currently going on. Doctors are classifying deaths as coronavirus when it is only suspected. The doctor, a Republican Representative in Minnesota, is deeply troubled by the CDC’s recent guidance in coding.

CDC says “probable” or “presumed” deaths by coronavirus can be counted as COV-19. It’s too loosey-goosey.

Sorry the video is not great, it’s the only one I could acquire:


People need to realize that these numbers are not scientifically-based. The IHME and the CDC are doing their best but there are so many flaws in the process that they can only be general measures. They are helpful, but not sacrosanct.

We only need to look at the adjustments made by the IHME to know that is the case. Some of the adjustments are probably the result of social distancing. While we have no proof social distancing is doing a bloody thing, common sense tells us if we’re not mingling, it has to help. However, there is another important factor here — treatments are working! Those treatments do include Hydroxychloroquine possibly with zinc or Azithromycin. Some of the treatments used need to be given early on in the illness. We are still learning, but we have had bad viruses before and we are NOT starting from scratch, despite all the scary information out in the media and spread by our own CDC.

If we think they are scientific and shut down the entire economy based on that, we are making serious errors. The University of Washington’s (IHME) original projections were botched. They are now redoing them frequently — downward. But what they are doing is adjusting them as reality hits.

They were way off on vents, hospitalizations, deaths and so on.

The projections from only a few days ago were way off. A few days ago, the IHME predicted 1,041 deaths in Virginia. Now they predict 891 deaths. Governor Northam shut down Virginia based on these numbers until June 11, the day after the GOP convention. So far, only 75 people have died from COVID in Virginia.

In Maryland, the IHME went from a prediction of 2,326 deaths to 1,094 since Monday (50% change). Governor Hogan shut down his state indefinitely.

The data has been off by a factor of 33 from 2.2 million to about 60,000 deaths predicted today.

Data-driven alone isn’t such a great idea.

Our CDC models were BASED on the IHME’s. IHME’s model uses information from other outbreaks around the world to predict what will happen in the U.S. and individual states. That is NOT RELIABLE. The other countries have single-payer and they ration care, underpay medical professionals, and don’t have the equipment we have, for starters.

Social distancing only accounts for some of this slowdown. An overriding issue is our quality healthcare unlike the garbage single-payer healthcare in the EU and China. Italy, for example, had to ignore people over 80 years, then people over 60 years, because of their awful single-payer.

Yes, social distancing is a great idea, but so is U.S. healthcare. Also, using treatments we have used in the past for viruses, is a great idea.

Attorney General Bill Barr addressed one of those treatments last night on The Ingraham Angle:

If the other doesn’t work well, watch this:

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