Doctor treated 350 Cov-19 patients with 100% success using the drug the media hates


Update at the end

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko thanked the President for securing approval for the use of hydroxycholorquinine with Azithromycin. The doctor is a general practitioner in a Hasidic community, which is hit hard by Coronavirus — about 60 percent have the illness. He has had a 100 percent success rate with the drugs, using it on 350 patients.

Since the President mentioned it during pressers, the media has used it to harm the President and try to drive a wedge between the President and CDC’s Dr. Anthony Fauci. They claimed Dr. Fauci didn’t agree with him about the drug.

Dr. Fauci has said several times that they don’t have scientific proof but the President’s correct in saying that there is a lot of promising anecdotal evidence. Dr. Fauci told the media to stop trying to drive a wedge between him and the President (see video at the end).

Dr. Zelenko said he believes people should be first treated at home with these drugs. He has treated 350 patients with them successfully.

He told Sean Hannity on his radio show this afternoon that he used 200mg 2x daily Hydroxy Chloroquine, 500mg 1x daily Azithromycin, and 220mg 1x daily Zinc sulfate on 350 patients. Their breathing was fully restored in 3 to 4 hours, no one has died or was even hospitalized. There were zero intubations.

He also posted an open letter of the results:

He spoke from his car and published it to Twitter to get the word out:

Other doctors have reacted positively:

Dr. Fauci Told the Media to Stop Trying to Pit Him and the President Against Each Other

Update: His Hassidic community asked him to stop posting videos as they say his claims of the spread in their community are not accurate and it’s hurting their ability to work. They were also concerned that the claim has not been proven.



  1. The press could do a better service than bringing on countless people who are sequestered in their homes. This video has a wealth of information so that a lay person can grasp it.

  2. The enemedia hates Trump, hates America and hates us. They want us gone from their playground earth so they can serve their globalist RAT paymasters.

      • My son was treated with this anti malaria drug, at double the dose rate that’s used for malaria, because it wasn’t malaria that he had, but a virus picked up from cattle. Yet even at double the dose rate he had NO side effects from the anti malaria drug.

  3. Using these drugs for treatment is not in the interests of big pharma companies, they want a patented “cure” to reap billions.

    • On the other hand, Israel-based TEVA Pharmaceuticals is sending 6 million tablets of hydroxychloroquine that should be there by March 31st plus 10 million more within a month. All going to hospitals and all FREE. TEVA is the largest manufacturer of generic drugs in the world, so yes, you can call them “Big Pharma”, but they are also HELPING, not hindering, treatment of people with COVID-19.

      • Accidentally TEVA owns also Croatian company that invented and manufactures azithromycin. But, if that treatment is efficient who cares – long live big pharma!

  4. It sure seems like this Dr. Fauci has been fighting pretty hard against using this treatment. Under the circumstances why in hell would you want to do that.

  5. I guess Nevada won’t get any help, thanks to the Governor. How stupid can people get.

    The article falsely states that: “Trump last week falsely stated that the Food and Drug Administration had just approved the use of chloroquine to treat patients infected with coronavirus.”

    It’s a damn lie. The President specifically stated that the drug was FDA approved for “compassionate use”. He didn’t say anything about it being widely used. I tried to send a comment, but after hitting Send it went to “Page Not Found”. I guess reporters don’t want to hear the truth.

    • Go look at a history book detailing rhetoric from 1933 Germany. “Jews are the enemy within” Your assertion the Dems are the enemy play right into Faux News need to convince you there is a “They” who are responsible for everything that makes you feel bad. Take responsibility for your own sucky life…Dems had nothing to do with that.

  6. I was very sick myself after our trip from Italy,
    I went to urgent care and they gave me this azithromycin and Augmentin 875mg. After 2 days I got better .

  7. […] management daily. Added another image to the mix today- Azithromycin-because it’s reported that a doctor in New York is having 100%  success in clearing the coronavirus by treating patients with 200 mg daily of Hydroxy Chloroquine, 500 mg of Azithromycin and 220mg […]

  8. It is not a benign combination. There needs to be screening and ECG done before this combination can be used. Both drugs prolong QTc interval which may cause a life-threatening heart dysrhythmia.

  9. Everyone is dumb – looking for a ‘cure’ for ANY virus. Instead look at the millions of people who only experienced minor symptoms and recovered without treatment. They are the people the medics should be studying – check their Vitamin D levels for a start! The ignorance demonstrated by so called professionals is quite unbelievable.

    • If the study of Dr. Zelenko is not a hoax, death rates from the Covid19 should start to drop drastically as of today, and the medical staff not using the combination of those two drugs should be brought to justice.

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