Global support for Hydroxychloroquine but it’s still dismissed


Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a former FDA commissioner, said that Hydroxychloroquine is widely used in Italy and if the drug was working, we would see the results in Italy. However, it’s used 53% of the time in Italy and it’s used on desperately ill patients with co-morbidities. Sometimes it is too late or they have too many other illnesses.

When asking more than 6,000 doctors worldwide, including doctors in Italy, they say Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromycin is the best treatment for COVID-19.

Dr. Stephen Smith, founder of the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases and Urban Health, and Dr. William Grace, former chief of medical oncology at St. Vincent’s Hospital find its effectiveness “very impressive.”

We need therapies and we need them fast. Politics has no place in this. The President touted the drug so the media and left-wing voices, including those of doctors, continually dismiss it.

Our unemployment is now at 4.4% with 701,000 new job losses. Over 10 million people have filed for unemployment. This is unsustainable.

The MSM should hope this treatment works instead of insulting anyone who says it does.



China admitted their numbers are inaccurate by announcing yesterday that they will start counting the afflicted who have presymptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus.

Scott Gottlieb is a left-wing doctor but he is a good doctor. He is on top of the pandemic so we are posting his graphs.

New York and Louisiana case growth:

Tests conducted as a percentage of the population:

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

Yes there is no huge financial incentive to promote this drug, and the former FDA commissioner comes from that pharma environment.

He seems to produce lots of graphs on the growth of the disease, none on treatments. He is out of the loop, has little or no knowledge of what is going on.

enn ess
enn ess
3 years ago

You need to ask yourself the basic question. Why is Hydroxychloroquine working so well when anything else tried to date has not. Ya don’t sup[pose because it was designed to work on “virus’s” do you. And what is the coronavirus? Same reason medication designed to work on a bacterial infection works basically on all bacterial infections…… This ain’t rocket science! reason it’s use is discouraged is because it’s already available and there is no money in it unless you invent something “new” ….. Same old story – Follow the money! It’s all about money and control……

3 years ago

Symptomatic testing vs. deaths as of 4pm yesterday has a fatality rate of 0.4%. This isn’t accounting for Asymptomatic tests. That also doesn’t include those who previously had symptoms and dismissed it as a cold or other typical ailments. No One wants to report this because it doesn’t scare the hell out of people. As one on Fox said, “Folks need to have the you know what scared out of them to stay home”.

I haven’t checked it yet but I hear the White House has dramatically reduced the numbers from before, which was 100-240,000. The new numbers are inching towards typical seasonal flu. There is no accounting for hospitalizations for seasonal flu which affects overall numbers.

There is also economic damage that isn’t consider whatsoever. With the FED monetary policies it can destroy the private capital markets which is the engine for economic prosperity. This can cause even More Long Term damage. It’s not as simple as a 2T dollar rescue plan.

Intellectuals Are Shoeshine Boys
Intellectuals Are Shoeshine Boys
3 years ago

@ T. Field,

So a Hasidic doctor in NY treating one ethnic group applies to all people in the world?

3 years ago

According to a report Fauci and the CDC have said the “models” can’t be trusted. If true, then What the Hell is going on. The policies set forth aren’t accounting for the aftermath. It is “assumed” afterwards that business as usual will prevail. Is That the typical response by society. Not in my lifetime. Generally people retract after such an event and it’s very slow going and possibly lasting a decade or more. Thirty days of stagnation weighs heavily on the individual and there’s no indication everything will open up after that. There could be weeks added, depending upon circumstances. That will further increase the public’s retraction. But no worry, Our Experts are here to save us.