Doctor’s claims of 100% success treating 699 Cov-19 patients are questioned


Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a general practitioner who treats patients in a Hassidic community, claims to have successfully treated 699 coronavirus patients with success — no deaths and only four hospitalizations.

The doctor used the Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin and Zinc cocktail. Hitting the virus early and hard, as soon as symptoms appear, is key he claims. By the time the patients are intubated, it’s usually too late.

He shared the results with Rudy Giuliani.

The former New York City mayor also reproduced the results of French virologist Didier Raoult’s study of 80 patients with the cocktail.

The Washington Post reported on Thursday that Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, who discussed his use of the drug in combination with antibiotics in a Forward article on Tuesday, had been contacted by President Trump’s new chief of staff, Rep. Mark Meadows. A person close to Meadows told the Post that the two had been in touch and White House experts were evaluating Zelenko’s protocol.

The White House will get to the bottom of it.


Meanwhile, leaders and community groups in Dr. Zelenko’s hometown of Kiryas Joel have requested he cease publicizing his new medication, or else leave them out of his statements after he wrongly claimed that 90% of the town’s population had coronavirus. The county health commissioner blasted the statement as “irresponsible” in light of the fact that he had only tested 14 patients.

Dr. Zelenko works in a clinic near the Hassidic community, Kiryas Joel.

It seems this would be an easy thing to verify.

Mr. Giuliani, Charlie Kirk, and Laura Ingraham had their tweets promoting the drugs taken down.

Watch the interview and see what you think:

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