Doctors sue MI Governor Whitmer over her “reckless and senseless orders”


Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer abuses her power. She does it audaciously with a slight smirk as she takes a license away from a 77-year-old barber, orders people to stay away from gardening supplies, or tells doctors who they can treat. She wields power over the people of Michigan, infringing on their rights unnecessarily in the name of health and safety. It’s made her an instant icon of the left.

But not everyone is impressed.

The lawsuits against her and her despotic orders during the pandemic are growing in number. The latest groups to sue Governor Whitmer are noteworthy – they are doctors.

The owners of Grand Health Partners, Wellston Medical Center, and Primary Health Services, and Jeffery Gulick filed the lawsuit against Whitmer, State Attorney General Dana Nessel, and state health director Robert Gordon on Tuesday.

The plaintiffs are pushing the governor to lift her ban on “non-essential” treatments, warning that the ban is endangering the lives of many patients.

“This shutdown is risking lives and imperiling health,” Grand Health Partners president and surgeon Dr. Randal Baker told Up North Live. “The curve has been flattened. There will likely be spikes of cases in the future, but we can’t shut down non-COVID health care every time. We need to reassess the best practices to save the most lives, particularly where COVID-19 cases are low.”

Whitmer is coming between the doctors and their patients and she knows nothing.

She’s helping to destroy the medical system, and with her telling them what treatments are essential, others are at grave risk. The only illness she seems to care about is COVID-19.

Hospitals, clinics, and other medical providers across the state are struggling financially as they are forced to turn away all but the most serious illnesses and those who can be labeled COVID-19.

Last month, Hillsdale Hospital Vice President and COO Jeremiah Hodshire wrote an open letter to Whitmer pleading with her to relax the ban on elective surgeries, citing financial strain.

“If there is one thing that we need now more than ever, it’s patients using our services instead of living in fear of leaving their homes while their health needs are left unmet,” Hodshire wrote. He said her “reckless and senseless” executive order banned his hospital from performing the procedures that generate one-fifth of its net income.

Since she’s a hero for the left, trampling peoples’ rights and putting lives at risk, she’s pretty much Teflon.

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