President’s tweet heard ’round the world thanks to a corrupt press


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We already reported on this story about a group that protested the lockdown in Commack, LI, but since then the president tweeted about it and the press used it against him. It started when the Setauket Patriots, a peaceful group of friendly people, organized a ‘Back to Work’ protest.

A few people, not members of the group, called a reporter from News12 covering the event, “fake news,” told him to “go away,” and noted that the media is “not essential.” One man, who the reporter — Kevin Vesey — claimed “almost chased him,” followed him for about ten feet, but he was loud.

That’s all that happened. Protesters in Commack were deeply worried about what the lockdown is doing to their families. That is the story no one covered.

You would think it was a war zone listening to the media. They are fake news. News 12 exaggerated and twisted the story to get clicks and insult the president.

Anyone who knows News 12 knows they’re at the event to make the protesters look bad.

Once the president tweeted, it became a topic of ‘worldwide’ discussion, even across the land and sea to China. China is trying to cast their ballot for Joe Biden any way they can.

The tweet heard ’round the world:

The President’s tweet shows his boundless courage. He didn’t have to do it.


Melodramatic Mr. Vesey didn’t show all the people honking and cheering on the protesters, he didn’t bother to interview the protesters who weren’t angry, but News 12 did interview an anti-Trump left-wing professor from Hofstra. Why not also show the other side?

Then they showed an alarmed Democrat County Executive Steve Bellone who talked about contacting police. For what? For a couple of women calling the media what they are — fake news? Or will they arrest the man who followed him for ten feet? Vesey has had coronavirus and won’t catch it again which was the suggestion as he backed up and complained about a few people without masks — outdoors.

The entire report is fake news. There were hundreds of peaceful people who stood by the side of the road with placards because they are out of work or will be and did Vesey report about that? No, he didn’t. Instead, he basked in his glory, was all aflutter because Anderson Cooper praised him, and then presented himself as some type of war correspondent.

Meanwhile, these people are deeply worried about their families and their children’s futures. Where is the concern for them? The press only wants to portray the protesters from the right in the worst possible light, but never notices the violence and vulgarity of the left-wing protesters.

Many there weren’t even right-wing. They are just upset about the economy.

While the people who were angry were not part of the group, I wouldn’t disown them. They aren’t wrong. The media is clueless. They live in some kind of bubble, telling themselves how great they are, giving themselves awards.

The press is deluded if they think President Trump made people think the media is corrupt. We figured that out all on our own. He just stands up for us and acts as our voice.

There is no hope for much of the media. They’re dishonest, corrupt, and live in an alternative universe. When one of their own reports the truth — factually — no editorials — The Daily Beast and Media Matters try to destroy her. I’m talking about Catherine Herridge.

News12 reporter basking in his fifteen minutes of fame:

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