DOJ admits they did not have cause to continue surveillance of Carter Page


Carter Page screenshot

The DOJ admits it had no legal basis for its continued surveillance of Carter Page after he left the Trump campaign.

According to the WSJ, the DOJ now believes it should have discontinued surveillance far sooner than it did.

At the time of the warrant in December, they lacked probable cause. The government began surveillance of Mr. Page in late 2016 after he left the Trump campaign. The agency ultimately obtained a warrant and three subsequent renewals.

The DOJ conclusion is that there was “insufficient predication to establish probable cause” in the last two renewals in 2017.

Big deal. It sounds like this is more of their cover-up. They indicate they had probable cause until the last two warrants, when, it appears they never had probable cause.

This is a weak admission, and they had to admit to something given the evidence.

Are you ready to start trusting them again? This seems like a mini-admission of “mistakes’ when they appear to have been up to no good.

Do you disagree?

Personally, I hope Carter Page wins a lot of money in his lawsuit.

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