Far-left Fox News host praises Dem manager’s spiel


I have tried to watch the impeachment trial but it’s the third day of Democrats ranting, despite having no first-hand evidence and no crime. I go back-and-forth between channels and watch as much as possible. Mid-afternoon, Chris Wallace, a far-left Fox News host, came on to give his ‘objective’ and ‘unbiased’ analysis.

He found Sylvia Garcia very effective, but not because she had evidence of a crime or proof of the President’s intentions.

He generously said you can argue that you disagree with her, but you can’t say she’s not very effective.

Basically, he is fine with the Democrats going after the President for a thought crime, but you can’t believe Joe Biden was trying to cover up for his son.

Meanwhile, there is proof that Ukraine interfered in the election of 2016, and there is proof that Hillary Clinton’s DNC and her campaign interfered in the election with the dossier. All of that is ignored, but the President must be removed for a thought crime.

Fox News is often far-left during the day when the news is relayed.

Here’s a snippet of his ‘analysis’:

This entire case is absurd. President Trump did nothing illegal and nothing happened. There was no investigation and the aid was doled out in advance of the deadline.


Twitter trolls said she just cleared Joe Biden. We don’t need an investigation on him despite the video in which he says he forced Ukraine to fire a top prosecutor, using a billion in USAid as the bait.

Sylvia Garcia is now trending, and fake conservative Jennifer Rubin is right on it.

Joe Lockhart, a CNN analyst who just admitted he made up a fake story about Fox News, is also jumping on it.

Meanwhile, Laura Ingraham is revealing more corruption and it involves the Obama-Biden White House and the whistleblower:

Mark Meadows wants to get back to work:



  1. Listen to Mark Levin podcast 1/23, he takes a constitutional approach to what the Democrats are doing, it is more than Tyranny, it is a quasi-trial, a psuedo-impeachment, rejecting exact language of the Constitution, a cabal, Progressive argument uses the Constitution to destroy the Constitution, as a living Constitution.

  2. Wallace is like Joe Biden’s son. His father is responsible for this little twerps job. Without that he would probably be perfectly qualified to be a lookout at a gang bang.

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