DOJ Charged Body Man Walt Nauta Because Answers Were Vague


Waltine Nauta is a former longtime aide to Donald Trump. He is also a co-defendant in Trump’s national security documents case. He pleaded not guilty to multiple charges Special Counsel Jack Smith imposed on him.

Mr. Nauta is accused of conspiracy to obstruct justice, attempted document concealment, and making false statements. The Navy veteran hired a Florida-based lawyer, Stanley Woodward, to represent him.

Nauta’s Washington-based lawyer, Stanley Woodward, entered the not-guilty plea on behalf of his client. His boss, Donald Trump, had also pleaded not guilty to the charges marshaled against him.

The allegedly false statement made by Nauta was about his response to what he knew about moving boxes containing documents and records.

The questions prosecutors asked were vague and meant to ensnare him in a perjury trap or obstruction of justice. The lawyer already accused them of unethical behavior. [see here]

Independent reporter Michael Tracey wrote, “So they charge the body man [Nauta] as well because he gives a mumbling answer to an FBI agent asking if he knows anything that would ‘make the intelligence community feel better.’

“That’s the evidence the body man engaged in a conspiracy with Trump. Un-freakin-believable.”

Nauta replied, “I wish I could tell you. I don’t know.”

This is the Q&A that Tracey included in his comment.

Tracey pointed out that this was “[a]nother classic “voluntary interview” with the FBI, the kind where they just casually swing by and ask for some help. Body man [Nauta] happy to oblige. Ends up charged with “conspiracy to obstruct justice” because he didn’t think to have a team of lawyers prepare his answers in advance.”

He was referring to the framing of Gen. Flynn.

So is this a new type of crime in our police state – vague answers? It sounds like a thought crime.

The DOJ also leaked a video of him moving boxes to suggest he was a criminal.

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