Witness: Bidens Took Bribes from CCP Military for Classified Info


Dr. Gal Luft says he was arrested to stop him from revealing what he knew about the Biden family and FBI corruption. The Bidens aren’t simply compromised by Chinese communists but by the military itself. It is alleged by several witnesses now that they took bribes for US classified material.

Luft said the Bidens took millions in bribes from the Chinese military and shared classified material.

The FBI is trying to charge Dr. Gal Luft as an arms dealer, although the bookish Israeli professor swears he’s “never sold a bullet in his life.”

He said it’s retaliation for his accusation against Biden years ago. Dr. Luft worked with the CEFC, the Chinese State energy arm. He said the CCP Military paid the Bidens millions of dollars that ran through shadow accounts and ended up in Biden family accounts.

The House Oversight has the wires.

The legacy media is ignoring this bombshell allegation and waits for their chance to discredit Dr. Luft.

China’s in the White House

Dr. Luft, an Israeli energy expert and professor, said the FBI has a mole with one eye that Hunter Biden used to tip off his Chinese partners there was an FBI investigation into them.

There is some corroboration for that in the Hunter laptop.

He was arrested in Cyprus for FARA and arms dealing. As he was detained, he tweeted, “They’re arresting me to shut me up. I have the facts about Hunter Biden.”

When Cypriot courts let him out on bail, US authorities were vehemently opposed.

In March, Miranda Devine told Tucker Carlson:

“And I’m told by Gal Luft’s lawyer that the ambassador in Cyprus is putting a lot of pressure to keep him in jail. They want to extradite him to the US on these charges of gun-running and so on, which really baffles the people in Washington who’ve known Gal Luft for a long time, and they say that’s not really in his nature.”

“We know that Hunter Biden did have contacts within the FBI. We know that he used them to benefit at least one of his Chinese business partners, Patrick Ho. And when Patrick Ho was arrested at JFK by the FBI, Hunter Biden contacted his FBI contacts.”

That agrees with statements by other whistleblower reports.

“And Gal Luft worked for three years in Washington, DC. with Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners. That checks out too. So when he says that those business partners told him about what the Bidens were up to, the hundreds of thousands of dollars that he knew about that was going to Hunter and his uncle Jim Biden every month and their contact with this FBI mole. It just bolsters, I guess, the reporting we’ve done from the laptop.”

Present Day

Dr. Luft is back, and he has more to say. Professor Luft gave this information to the FBI in 2019, as did many others involved in Hunter’s business, only to be ignored.

He said the Bidens took millions in bribes from the Chinese military and shared classified material.

Good Summary from Rob Schmitt

The media is blatantly “helping the administration cover up this very obvious atrocity hoping that they can convince you to ignore an avalanche of incredibly obvious evidence of what’s going on and pretend that it’s a conspiracy theory, which is what they call this, a conspiracy theory,” Schmitt says.

It ”can somehow include Biden’s own business partners testifying with factual evidence like Tony Bobulinski did when he clearly outlined his dealings with China when he was a partner of Hunter Biden. He told us that Joe Biden was in the room when the deals were cut.

“Business partner Rob Walker told the FBI, insane, Joe was in on the deals in China. How about the text message from Hunter that nobody’s refuted, sitting with his father, [talking] to the Chinese Communist officials now demanding money nine days before the Bidens got 5,000,000 bucks from China?

“None of this has been refuted, but remember, it’s a conspiracy theory.

“Other whistleblowers are detailing how and why they paid the Biden family. How about all the shadow accounts created to conceal the source to launder the money? All of this is verified. Nobody’s pushing back on this, but it’s a conspiracy theory. The laptop that details all of this and claims Hunter gave his father half of his income; with all of that, they focused on Dr. Luft disappearing for a month.

“This is the regime media. This is how they sound. Most Americans have no idea…”

He summarized the situation with Dr. Luft. Watch:

Schmitt Spoke with Rep. Comer Last Night

Dr. Gal Luft is well-connected in intelligence circles in Washington D.C. where he ran a think tank, The Institute for the Analysis of Global Security with former CIA director James Woolsey and former national security adviser Robert McFarlane as advisors. That’s who this man is. He’s not just some weird guy that popped up out of nowhere,” Schmitt said to James Comer last night.

Comer replied, “This is someone that knew about CEFC in detail, long before the laptop ever became public. So we feel that this is a very credible witness. We feel that this is someone that we need to talk to in our investigation.”

Schmitt later had the same question I had. WHEN? It’s July, and by next year, they will do nothing but fundraise. We need action NOW!

Do Watch Dr. Luft’s Interview:

This is the idiot apparently selling our country to Chinese Maoists:

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