DOJ Deprived Jacob Chansley of His Rights But They Will Get Away With It – Update


Update: There is an update to this story. Jacob Chansley has a new lawyer who blames this lawyer for Mr. Chansley’s long sentence. We don’t know who is right. You can watch that clip on this link.

“Yeah, it is why they’re attacking you. Makes no sense at all because by doing that, they’re shrouding, in secrecy or trying to, their own assault on democracy,” said Jake Chansley’s attorney.

On Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson had Jacob Chansley’s [QAnon Shaman] lawyer, Albert Watkins, on his show. He asked Mr. Watkins if he had viewed the tape.

We all know Jacob Chansley was sent to prison for 41 months because he became the face of the fake insurrection. It was about the way he looked, not what he did. Chansley was not violent, walked in calmly through an open door, was told by officers that he could stay if he behaved, and was then escorted throughout the Capitol by police. They opened locked doors for him, and he said a prayer for them.

He is also handicapped and diagnosed as schizophrenic with manic depression and two other mental issues.

Given that, why did he get a nearly four-year sentence and kept in solitary confinement. Why weren’t the Tucker video clips shown to the jury and the judge? It’s exculpatory.


Mr. Watkins told Tucker that he never saw those clips but tried to get all the information.

“We went through extraordinary efforts on behalf of our client to put him in a position of knowledge. That’s my duty as an agent of the court to make sure that he knew everything that the government had, good and bad, to put him in that position,” to make him informed, so he knew “whether to go to trial or take a plea. And remember. this is a man who had tremendous intelligence, was very gentle, very articulate, and was diagnosed 15 years earlier by the government with a mental health issue. And the government knew that through three hearings.

“When we begged and pleaded to get this man out of solitary confinement, literally falling into an abyss mentally. And through each of those three hearings, that government assistant US attorney knew the most important aspect of that hearing was that Jake was not violent. The government knew. They knew that Jake had walked around with all of these police officers. They had that video footage.

“I didn’t get it. It wasn’t disclosed to me. It wasn’t provided to me. I requested it. I filed the requisite pleading for it. And whether I did or not, they had a duty and absolute duty with zero discretion to provide it to me so that I could share it with my client .”


He was shocked that it could happen with the knowledge of Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, Chuck Schumer, and all the :ghouls.” He called Chansley’s imprisonment a “tragedy.”

“I mean, what’s happened is truly a dagger in the heart of our darkened justice system. We can’t allow it, and, but for you disclosing it, and this isn’t about you, this isn’t about January 6th. This …about our justice system, so compromised. The very integrity and core of that as we wear is a badge of honor for the entirety of our nation’s history, has been rendered a vile, disgusting mess by a Department of Justice that was running amok.

“And they didn’t share the video of my client, the footage of my client with nine officers surrounding him peacefully wandering about trying to help him, trying to get him access to the Senate chamber. They didn’t because it didn’t fit their narrative, and but for you disclosing it, I don’t know where we’d be.”

“Yeah, it is why they’re attacking you. Makes no sense at all because by doing that, they’re shrouding, in secrecy or trying to, their own assault on democracy.



Jonathan Turley has written about this case. He said he has no sympathy for any of the people who entered the Capitol that day, but he is very concerned about Chansley being deprived of his right to due process.

Professor Turley did explain how the DOJ will get away with this but is by no means condoning it:

First, Chansley quickly pleaded guilty to the charge. This may have been due in part to the draconian treatment that he received by the Justice Department, which insisted on keeping him in solitary confinement with no apparent justification. The result is that he moved rapidly to sentencing without significant discovery in his case.

Second, the footage was in the possession of the legislative branch, so the Justice Department could claim that it was not required to produce it. Indeed, the prosecution may have been entirely unaware of the footage.

Third, Chansley waived an appeal of the plea agreement and is now weeks away from release. The case is practically closed.

It seems that the lawyer made some serious errors by allowing Mr. Chansley to plead guilty and then accept a terrible plea agreement.

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11 months ago

ided for or paid for by the DOJ are deprived of effective representation. but that will be ignored. This is a very complex issue and most probably will not be resolved until far after Mr.Chumley has been released from prison.Hopefully, he is receiving treatment for his mental issues.

11 months ago

When President Trump returns to the White House, he should remove ALL protections for DoJ and FBI employees and let The People have a Feeding Frenzy in Court. That would be Justice!

Peter Prange
Peter Prange
11 months ago

When justice ceases to be primarily a search for the truth, it is no longer justice.