DoJ files federal charges against Chauvin, 3 officers, before an appeal and 3 trials


The Justice Department has filed federal criminal charges against Derek Chauvin, accusing the former police officer of using excessive force and violating the civil rights of George Floyd.

The three officers with Chauvin are nowhere near as guilty as Chauvin, if at all. And the DoJ will influence the verdict in the state cases by making them look racist.

There is no charge of racism in this case.

Three other former officers on the scene that day — Thomas Lane, J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao — have been charged federally in connection with Floyd’s death. Two of the men, Kueng and Thao, are accused of failing to intervene to stop Chauvin. All three face a charge of failing to provide medical care with “deliberate indifference” to Floyd’s suffering. They already are preparing for a state trial in August, NPR reports.

NPR claims such federal charges are rare, in part because it is difficult to meet the high legal bar they require. To succeed, prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Chauvin acted “willfully” to deprive Floyd of his civil rights and used force that was “constitutionally unreasonable.”


Last time, they did this was in the case of the Ferguson police department and Barack Obama and Eric Holder complained that they actually needed evidence. They thought that was a high bar.

How much will you bet that the DoJ is doing this to lower the bar?

The DoJ might want to terrorize the police into not doing their jobs and become social work officers under their jackboot.

The DoJ can conduct these terror trials endlessly and bankrupt the police since they have access to endless funding.

To us, this appears to be very corrupt. Why would they do this before the trials of the other three officers and before Chauvin’s appeal? The DoJ is violating the officers’ civil rights to a fair trial. Now they have to deal with two different and expensive trials.

Sadly, this in response to the communist Black Lives Matter mob’s demands, although we don’t doubt they are of the same mind.

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