DOJ orders House Dems to allow White House lawyers during testimony


The DOJ had to publish a memo to House Democrats explaining that committees investigating Trump’s impeachment must allow White House attorneys present or the testimonies will be legally invalid.

CNN reported that the Justice Department explained attempts by impeachment investigators to compel testimony from executive branch witnesses about President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine are “legally invalid” unless they allow for the witnesses to bring a government lawyer.

CNN said it will anger Democrats as it will further the “non-cooperation from the White House.” They are concerned the White House and other agencies will “use it to stymie House depositions.”

The Democrats don’t seem to understand the separation of powers.

Subpoenaed witnesses are not showing up [just like Obama staffers didn’t show up during IRS targeting and Hillary email investigations].

The DOJ says there must be a White House lawyer present to protect privileged information.

The House Intel committee has only allowed personal lawyers.

The five-page memo is limited in scope but there will be future fights over executive privilege. As we said, the Democrats don’t understand the separation of powers.

OLC attorneys cite a DC Circuit court opinion comparing an impeachment inquiry with a grand jury investigation in a criminal probe, setting up the need to meet a high threshold to overcome the protections of the privilege, CNN stated further.

Schiff calls everything “obstruction of justice” and affords no civil rights to the President. He knows he must allow White House attorneys. He simply doesn’t care.

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