DOJ Plans to Prosecute Donald Trump Until Inauguration Day


The Washington Post reports the DOJ will pursue criminal cases against Donald Trump past Election Day even if he wins.  They believe department rules against charging or prosecuting a sitting president would not kick in until Inauguration Day in January. They will do exactly that. The information comes from anonymous sources.

WaPo is a government mouthpiece.

Lawyers in the department do not believe the policy bars them from proceeding against a president-elect.

But they claim they can’t possibly weaponize the Justice Department against him. They’re claiming they can’t be weaponized, but they’re trying to imprison him for a riot when he told people to march peacefully and patriotically.

“The Justice Department isn’t governed by the election calendar. Its prosecution of Trump is based on the law, the facts, and the Justice Manual — the department’s bible that lays out the post-Watergate norms that have prevented it from being weaponized,” said Anthony Coley, a former Justice Department spokesman for Attorney General Merrick Garland who left the agency last year. “Until those norms change, or they’re ordered otherwise, I’d expect this Justice Department to be full speed ahead. And they should be.”

He’d be president-elect, but that’s not weaponization?

“Speaking on the condition of anonymity, current officials expressed the same sentiment — that if Trump wins the election, the clock on the two federal cases against him will keep ticking until Jan. 20, when he would be sworn in as the 47th president.”

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