DoJ sues Georgia over a perfectly fine election integrity law


Merrick Garland, a corrupt Attorney General, just sued Georgia over a perfectly legitimate voter integrity law. There is nothing wrong with the law. This is a replay of the lawsuits against states that Barack Obama engaged in.

Garland is politicizing the election and is counting on their ACLU judges to back him up.

This is the BidenBama administration intimidating other states, not just Georgia.

AG Garland literally lied and claimed the Georgia law inhibits minority voting rights. Did you know the Left is claiming that if you’re skin is dark that you are too stupid to know how to get voter ID or find a polling place? That is what they are saying.

The Georgia law includes stronger voter ID measures and limitations on mass absentee voting that have been standard election practice in the United States for decades.

“In its first major action to combat GOP voter suppression laws, the Biden Justice Department announced on Friday that it is suing the state of Georgia over its new voting restrictions,” Mother Jones reported, which first reported the lawsuit.

“Today the Department of Justice is suing the state of Georgia,” Attorney General Merrick Garland announced at a press conference at DOJ headquarters.

It’s obvious they want to make it easy to vote fraudulently. One would have to be stupid to think otherwise.

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2 years ago

If we repeal the 17th Amendment we wouldn’t see shenanigans like this. The first thing Republicans need to do after the 2022 elections is defund the DoJ and FBI.

2 years ago

We should all be thankful that SOB is not sitting on the SCOTUS bench.