Kamala Harris is probably not going to the border – her trip is a fraud


According to Zach Parkinson’s research, Kamala Harris doesn’t appear to be going to the border at all. She will visit a Border Patrol facility in El Paso, miles from the border.

Parkinson included the map, and, as you can see, the facility is miles from the action. The entire trip is staged.

The El Paso airport is 12 hours from the action.

In addition, Newsweek reports that she will speak with advocates from faith-based nonprofit organizations, shelter, and legal service providers. They are the people who organize the illegal immigration.

“[Harris’ trip to the border] is really about building on the work that she has been doing,” Harris’ chief spokesperson Symone Sanders told NBC News. “This is not happening in a vacuum and it is not just to go and see.”

In other words, she plans to concentrate on the fraudulent, invented, mysterious causes of illegal immigration. We all know this administration is the cause of illegal immigration. Democrats continue to pretend we don’t know why. They are dropping off billions to corrupt nations in Central America and Mexico without any accountability.




  1. America was sold out. The dems will stall as long as possible, they are in control, they have no intention of changing any policy, or attempting to appease us. All they do is flaunt. There is no one willing to fight them.

  2. This is how you know OAN is a real News network. Right now they are showing the Live event with Harris giving a briefing. I’m not interested in listening to the sycophants with her, such a Mayorkis, Turban Durbin, or the others. Newsmax, the “so-called” right leaning network wouldn’t even show Trump briefings. They would exit after a minute or so. So, for all the complaints about OAN, They are the only network that airs news in an unbiased manner. If this was all the MSM networks with Trump there would have been an hour-long discussion (hate-fest) against what was said.

  3. The Dems don’t want the press pool anywhere near the border, even at El Paso which is NOT the epicenter of the crisis at present. Kamala would not dare show up in McAllen, TX and tour the border with Governor Greg Abbott.

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