DOJ to Sue Iowa If They Try to Enforce Immigration Law


The Justice Department has threatened to sue Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds if the state enforces an immigration law that bars immigrants from being in the state if they have an outstanding deportation order or are denied entry into the country.

It sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Not to the DOJ. Criminals and ne’er-do-wells are in the Democrat voting bloc.

Kim Reynolds signed Iowa’s SF 2340 last month. It does exactly what federal law dictates, but won’t do. It criminalizes a person being in the state if they were previously not allowed in the United States or currently have deportation orders.

If arrested and convicted, a judge can have the individual deported back to their home country. if the person is not deported, they could be sentenced to two years in prison if it’s classified as a misdemeanor or up to 10 years if it’s a felony and they have been arrested before.

As usual, the Justice Department will argue that the state law is unconstitutional and violates the Immigration and Nationality Act, which the Biden government continuously violates.

Reynolds has made it clear. She will not comply with the Justice Department’s warning.

“The only reason we had to pass this law is because the Biden administration refuses to enforce the laws already on the books,” Gov. Reynolds said. “I have a duty to protect the citizens of Iowa. Unlike the federal government, we will respect and enforce the rule of law.”

The actively anti-American ACLU, founded by the Soviets, calls the bill “extreme anti-immigrant,” conflating lawbreaking illegal aliens with immigrants who come here legally. The ACLU is open borders and wins many of its lawsuits with radical judges appointed by Obama and Biden.

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