Dominion Voting Machine Farce – Going Bankrupt After Getting $787M?


As reported, the Halderman report is out, which details all the ways the Dominion machines could be hacked. The information was hidden until now by Judge Totenberg, a far-left judge whose sister Nina Totenberg writes for the far-left at NPR.

Halderman’s report was hidden because it shows the election could be hacked, but he also claims there is no evidence the machines were breached. Some of the flaws he cites would make it very difficult to detect, and we don’t know how hard he tried to detect hacking.

Halderman concluded there were “multiple severe security flaws.”

For some reason, Fox News settled with the company for $787 million because the hosts talked about how the machines could be hacked. The company is only worth $70 million, and the CEO claimed they would go bankrupt because of 2020 lies. this company didn’t deserve a dime. Conveniently, the report was released after they got their huge settlement from Fox News.

They just got $787 million. I’d like to see their offshore accounts.

Oh, and about those security flaws? They can’t be fixed until 2025, after the presidential election. But we’re sure no one will hack them.


Emerald Robinson wrote angrily on substack that she will expose “right-wing influencers and Fox News fraudsters” who for “three years” called people (like Robinson) “too extreme and election deniers and wackos and lots of other words that need not be repeated here.

Without apology, they are now taking up the hacking issue.

“I will never forget the people who called me after the 2020 election and told me to drop the issue of election fraud,” Robinson said. “I will never forget the list of people who stopped talking to me because they thought I was “totally nuts.” The names will surprise you. I will tell you some of those names in due time.”

We can’t wait to hear about who they are.

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