Don Lemon Was Fired Again, This Time It Only Took Hours – Update


Update: Lemon will still have a show on X, but his partnership with Elon is over. Elon Musk wrote on X that Don Lemon “is welcome to monetize on the platform, just like everyone else. What we aren’t going to do is guarantee minimum payments to him, as he was demanding, which would be going beyond everyone else.”

“Unfortunately, all Lemon wants to do is rehash the dying CNN business model, but on social media,” which will do even worse than on cable TV.”

For Lemon’s name, he put an icon of a lemon!

Original Story

CNN fired Don Lemon, but he crawled back to CNN Wednesday to compare Elon Musk’s comments with “radicalized shooters’” manifestos on Erin Burnett’s show. Then, Elon Musk fired him.

Musk canceled Lemon’s upcoming X show.

NBC News put the Potato, Brian Stelter, on to trash Elon over the X show’s cancellation.   AP suggested Musk is not a “free speech absolutist.” The NY Times made Lemon sound rational and insulted Musk.

Most people commenting on the interview thought Elon destroyed Lemon.

After Lemon tried to put Elon Musk on the hot seat — asking if he takes drugs and suggesting he’s comparable to mass shooters, racists, and Nazis — Musk canceled Lemon’s show on X.

Mr. Lemon argued that opposing open borders makes you comparable to a mass shooter. He also suggested Musk was recommending Hitler’s Great Replacement Theory.

“He doesn’t understand that sort of rhetoric that he talks about, the Great Replacement Theory and a migrant invasion,” said Lemon, an open borders advocate.

“That’s what radicalized shooters use in their manifestos, those exact words. The people who go and shoot up people,” he continued irrationally.

“Whether they be Latino, people who live in Texas, or black people who are in the supermarket in Buffalo, or Jewish people who are, who are worshiping those people use the same rhetoric that they are tropes, that they’re either racist for Latinos or black people or for Jewish people.”

Lemon is a lunatic.

video via Collin Rugg

How many times have we heard the Left boast that they want to replace white people with black people? For example, Michael Moore was angry that Trump banned terror nations. Moore said he couldn’t wait until white people were replaced by black and brown people from around the world. Why? The answer is Moore supported the Great Replacement Theory. The open borders crowd supports the great replacement theory.


Lemon questioned Elon Musk about whether he was going to loan Donald Trump money to put up a bond in the insane Engoron-James scam. To no one’s surprise, that’s a rumor.

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