7 Times We Saw Heroes Tell the Truth About the Border Yesterday


Did you know that the House passed a resolution condemning Biden’s administration for causing the “Worst Immigration-Border Security Crisis in American History with fourteen Democrats joining the GOP?

Monica De La Cruz, House Republicans, And 14 Democrats – Heroes

Texas Rep. Monica De La Cruz wrote the resolution and appealed to her colleagues. She does a great job here. You might want to hear this.

Most of the legacy media is not reporting any of this. They are evil.

Border Patrol Are Heroes

On Wednesday, the Border Patrol Union – NBPC – shared the following. “For up-to-date facts and the straight scoop about the border, we suggest you follow @BillMelugin, @AliBradleyTV, and others like them. They tell it like it is. If you’re a dimwitted radical leftist who slurps down propaganda like Biden eats ice cream, follow the MSM.”

Unfortunately, the union speaks the truth.

Rush Limbaugh’s brother David shared the following information on Bill Melugin and said he is officially a fan.

Bill Melugin – a Hero

Bill Melugin said something yesterday and every day that takes courage because telling the truth when it carries a cost is courageous.

“Expressing regret for accurately describing the Venezuelan illegal alien charged with bashing in Laken Riley’s skull as an “illegal” is a remarkable moment,” Mr. Melugin said. “The one and only time Biden mentions her name – he botches it – and now he hopes to avoid offending her alleged killer.”

This is our leader. He is defining our nation to the world. Bill Melugin shared the next clip and said, “Yup,” to the Axios reporter who posted it, saying, “Biden says he regrets using the term “illegal” when talking about the undocumented immigrant who allegedly killed nursing student Laken Riley. “I shouldn’t have used ‘illegal.’ It’s undocumented.”

Melugin went off on Peppermint Patty and her chums, acting like imbeciles. It’s a must-watch:

Ali Bradley – a Hero
Ali Bradly is on the border. She reports the true news.
Independent Reporters on the Border – Heroes

People on the border like Michael Yon and Hernando.

Elon Musk – a Hero
Elon Musk shared the following yesterday, hoping to reach people. He’s right. This is batsh** crazy.

Elon Musk shared this on Tuesday:

Immigration Lawyers Like Rolando Vasquez

Did you see the story of the little 12-year-old Missouri boy killed by an illegal alien from Venezuela? He fought for his life since December. His parents were also seriously hurt.

12-year-old Travis Wolfe was fatally injured in a head-on crash that Endrina Bracho, an illegal alien from Venezuela, caused. It was the night before his birthday.

Police said Bracho was speeding in the wrong lane when she hit the Jeep the Wolfe’s were in. The investigation involves eyewitnesses and reconstruction of the crash. Bracho had two children in her car.

Rolando Vasquez warned us that killers have come in, and more are coming.

The man who killed Laken Riley and his brother are here illegally from Venezuela, and they are in the notorious Tren de Aragua gang. That gang now has a foothold in major US cities. One Venezuelan immigration lawyer said Venezuela is much safer now because the monsters have come here. He said there is a second wave of killers coming from Venezuela, and we’re letting them in.

This is a tape of Rolando speaking from last year. He is still speaking out. Yesterday, he said the second wave of killers is coming from Venezuela. We’re not getting their best.


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