Donald Trump Expands His Influence on the RNC


We have a new Republican National Committee chair and co-chair.  They will expand Donald Trump’s influence. Votes were cast at a meeting in Houston, TX, on Friday.

North Carolina GOP chairman Michael Whatley won the unanimous voice vote and will lead the RNC. He has served as the chair since 2019 and is also the RNC’s general counsel. Former President Donald Trump handpicked him.

Whatley has served as a federal law clerk, a senior President Bush administration official, and the chief of staff for former Senator Elizabeth Dole. He has also served as senior adviser to the 2000 Bush-Cheney campaign in Florida and is very strong on election security. Everyone sees him as a good choice.

His co-chair will be Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law. She, too, was elected by a unanimous voice vote.

It is time for the party to fight aggressively against the Biden communists.

The last McFail will be gone once McConnell departs.

Lara already started. She got $100,000 today.

We wish Ronna well.

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