Donald Trump Explained His Plan for Retribution at Fox’s Town Hall


Last night, during the Fox News town hall with Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum, Donald Trump explained his plan for retribution. While he said it wouldn’t be a bad thing after all the hoaxes he faced, he explained the best retribution is success. He said he “even likes Christie better already.”

He said he’s “not going to have time for retribution because he’s going to make this country so successful again.”

“Peace through strength” that’s how we win, he said later.

By avoiding words that have been demonized, such as conservative or nationalist, Mr. Trump cleverly defined himself as a Federalist.

Someone asked Trump if he’d ever allow another COVID shutdown. His answer was, “NO, I wouldn’t. I never did. I left it up to the governors. I’m a Federalist. The best governors were the ones who didn’t shut down.”


The media demonized his comment about being a dictator for a day on his first day as President. He was mimicking Joe Biden, who, from the first day, opened the borders and shut down fossil fuels. Donald Trump will reverse that.

Trump schooled the entire town hall on how to overcome the national debt. He says he’ll do a lot of cutting but simultaneously a ton of potential profit earning to overcome it. No cuts to social security are required.

The debate began with a military veteran telling Mr. Trump he would vote for him for the third time, but some of his friends “that supported you in 2020 are not this time because they believe a Trump presidency will bring four years of chaos due to your haters. What is your response to them?”

“Well, I think, first of all, I’m glad you’re asking the question, and I’m very glad that you started off by saying you’re with me because I want you on my side [joked about Fox briefly]. They have chaos now. They have chaos at the border; they have chaos in the military – people are going woke. We have the greatest military in the world except for the top where they want to, you know, turn this beautiful thing we built…”

He went on to list his successes, such as rebuilding the military and dealing with foreign adversaries. In contrast, Biden can’t string two sentences together. Mr. Trump issued tax cuts, started no new wars, built 500 miles of border wall, established the US as energy independent, built the greatest economy in history, and had no inflation.

You can watch the full debate at the end.

I didn’t watch the DeSantis and Haley debate because I thought they’d have the full debate up this morning. But so far, they have clips and clips from the legacy media are worthless, as are their analyses. What I’m reading from people on social media, the actual people, not the trolls, is that DeSantis gave a lot of facts, and Nikki didn’t. If you go to the New York Post, they’ll tell you Nikki Haley won; even Bill O’Reilly says so. There is a tremendous push for Nikki Haley right now. Don’t trust anything the media says, including Bill. Bill is a brilliant guy, but he’s also susceptible in a naive way to the latest narrative.

He’s already started to like Chris Christie better.

Roe v. Wade is now out of the Constitution and up to the States as it should be.

He didn’t have any new wars.

Since neocons and others have ruined the word “conservative,” I like his use of the term, “Federalist.” He’s very clever.

Full Debate

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago

The claim that Trump shut down the nation is just more propaganda. Other than federal facilities, all of those decisions were local.

Anything that entertainment reporter O’Reilly says is opportunistic. He and the Faux Hosts belong working for tabloids.

Trump Won
Trump Won
1 month ago

Those that want Haley on the ticket aren’t the ones who want to make America great again. They want a president who they can control. The left will rally around Haley, especially if their candidate is a loser. RINO alert, beware of false promises.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
1 month ago
Reply to  Trump Won

All the wrong people love Haley, though most of them will not admit it: Bush, Mitch, Ryan, Levin, VDH, Shapiro, Kristol, Brennan, …