Donald Trump Interview: “The Country Can Never Be the Same”


Former President Donald Trump gave a wide-ranging interview to Judge Jeanine last night covering topics from Biden earning an ‘F’ as president to our wounded soldiers, to the Loudon County rape. He spoke highly of Glenn Youngkin who is running for Governor of Virginia.

“It’s a failed administration,” he said of the Biden Regime. “It’s a disaster. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

Trump said he had hoped that the Biden administration would succeed because he loves the country “more than anything.”

“I would love to see him do well,” he told Pirro. “I don’t think there’s ever been a greater embarrassment as an administration, and we had everything ready to go.”

He also spoke about the energy crisis and the invasion at the border.

“The U.S. is being poisoned by drugs flowing in. The fentanyl and drugs are pouring through our border.”

“People that are very sick are coming into our country. Very contagious diseases, there’s [sic] many different diseases, not just COVID.”

These leaders, if you can call them leaders, are destroying our country.

If there are 1.7 million people we know about who came in here illegally, “they say you multiply that by 7. That’s the number that come[s] in unchecked, totally unchecked.”

“You’re talking about tens of millions of people over a relatively short period of time. For a two-year period of time, we would have more than ten million people coming into our country.”

“The country can never be the same.”


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