Donald Trump Is Back and Gets People Laughing


During a Saturday speech in Concord, NH, President Trump mocked Joe and Hunter, not a difficult thing to do. The crowd burst out with laughter. The clips below are worth watching. Trump has a way with words:

“We have a President whose son’s laptop from hell gets taken over and exposes massive corruption like nobody’s ever seen before. Do you think the father was upset?

‘Dad i left my laptop in a repair shop, forgot to pick it up, and this repair guy went a little crazy when he saw what was on it’….

’What’s on it son?’….

‘Every crime you’ve ever committed, pa’'”, Trump said.

“At what point does the father get angry, you know, like ‘this kid is not working out well for me.’ And then the FBI goes and convinces the media that it’s Russian disinformation,” Trump added.

Biden doesn’t know which way is up and doesn’t have to worry about his alleged criminality. As long as our FBI is corrupt, he and Hunter can do whatever they please.

Here’s a reason to vote for Donald Trump:

He’s right about RINOs.

Here’s another reason to vote for him.

And yet another reason.

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