Pastor Screams $223,000 Reparations Is Not Enough


An activist pastor at a slavery reparations meeting in California blasted the proposed reparations payments of $223,000. While screaming, he insisted almost a quarter of a million dollars for each black resident is “NOT ENOUGH.”

Reverend Tony Pierce came to the microphone and slammed the idea of limiting the cash payouts to California residents: “There should be no residency requirements for California! We have to encourage our people to come back to California! What better way to encourage our people to come back to California if we have no requirements?”

“How will reparations be paid?” he added. “Immediately!”

These people are illogical.

No one today was a slave, and they don’t deserve a dime, much less more than a quarter million dollars.

Democrats encouraging this must be trying to start a race war with this policy.

In December, one attendee at the task force meeting called for $350,000 per eligible individual.

California resident and Civil Justice Association of California member Marcus Champion called for “direct cash payments, tax-exempt status, free college education, grants for homeownership, business grants, access to low to no business funding and capital.” He called for the creation of The Office of American Freedmen Affairs to handle eligibility for reparations.

Truth from Thomas Sowell

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