Biden Administration Is Preparing to Hound Landlords


Rent control protest with Seattle Socialist Sawant leading the group.

The Biden administration is out to alter yet another sector in our capitalist society. He’s going after landords and housing.

The FTC will examine a range of practices that affect the rental market, practices they call unfair:
  • tenant background checks;
  • use of algorithms in tenant screenings;
  • adverse action notices by landlords and property management companies
  • look into how an applicant’s source of income factors into housing decisions.

The FTC has never asked for this information, much less call them “unfair.” Screening tenants for criminal backgrounds or looking for deadbeats is just common sense.

The CFPB will provide guidance and coordinate enforcement efforts with the FTC to ensure that renters have accurate information in their credit reports and to hold background check companies accountable for their procedures. That sounds reasonable, but it is the Biden administration.

The FHFA will initiate a process to examine limits on egregious rent increases and proposals for renter protections for future investments. That’s in addition to the actions announced in November that encourage financing of multifamily loans that guarantee affordable housing. The latter is a nod to people coming illegally.

HUD will propose requiring public housing authorities and owners of rental assistance properties to provide at least 30 days advanced notice before terminating a lease due to nonpayment of rent.

They have a “Blueprint for a Renter’s Bill of Rights” to underscore the protections every renter deserves:

  • Access to safe, quality, affordable housing;
  • clear and fair leases;
  • access to eviction prevention and rent relief resources to remain sustainably housed.

Some participants include and the National Association of Realtors, which will make landlords that welcome Housing Choice Vouchers [government-paid] visible on rental searches. the government takes a long time to pay.

They will call background checks and income screenings discrimination in housing if they choose.

No good can come from anything this administration does. They’re too far left and put illegal immigrants above American citizens and legal residents.

The administration is establishing so-called inclusive communities and continues to pursue the Affirmative Fair Housing Act.

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Save America
Save America
1 year ago

They’re picking the middle class off, one issue at a time and before you know it, the middle class is extinct.

Peter B. Prange
Peter B. Prange
1 year ago

Why are more and more whack jobs coming out from under their rocks, on Biden’s watch?
Or that’s right he is not watching, just inviting them.

Tight Loops
Tight Loops
1 year ago

They are all “special interest” groups. They come to Biden bearing large sums of cash in exchange for regulatory Executive Orders that favor themselves AND produces lots of new federal government cash. Cash is deposited in off-shore accounts of family members and Biden gives them what they want. Biden never turns down a good offer and If ANYONE thinks Biden is “helping the little people” or the needy and disadvantaged, they’re trust is very, very misplaced and they will rue the day they were fooled by his promises. The Democrats in Congress also wanted a piece of the action and got in on the booty when writing the 2022 Federal Budget. Everything Biden touches is dirty and will, in time rot and destroy all that is near. Money talks. What do you think they did to us at Davos? Every country in the world is coming up with some sort of grievance against the U.S.A. that they believe comes with a cash only price tag. Biden has given the world carte blanc (signed blank checks) as long as he gets his kick backs. No one will investigate or even suggest this is happening but it’s how the Biden Family Syndicate has worked for generations. Biden is a crook and stealing Americans’ and their children’s future by guaranteeing Federal bankrupcy and poverty for all because Biden’s Presidential Priorities are based on a self-enrichment at any cost ideology. IMPEACH BIDEN, REMOVE HIM FROM OFFICE, PUT THE FAMILY IN PRISON AND SEIZE ALL OF THEIR ILLGOTTEN WEALTH AND RETURN IT TO AMERICAN TAXPAYERS. Estimates of this fortune have been said to be well over a billion dollars. Suspicions exist that that figure could go much higher because of discreet undeclared investments in foreign oil which could explain why Biden’s first act was to shut down America’s oil industry. His act had nothing to do with Green iniatives but rather to run up the value of his off-shore investments. INVESTIGATE AND IMPEACH JOE BIDEN! Write laws that prevent this type of corruption ever happening again.